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Work from home night jobs can be very desirable if you have a day job and/or if you have a family and kids. I can remember when my daughter got old enough to run around and talk up a storm, nighttime was the only time I could work non-stop without being interrupted.

Luckily for most of us, their are many companies that have no problem with you working during the night.

Here are 20+ places where you can work during the night/overnight.

  1. Upwork – You can find anything from customer service to digital design. Most clients either require overnight work (depending on the time zone) or have no issue with you completing work during the night.
  2. Uhaul – They hire customer service agents with flexible hours. You can start work as early as 4am.
  3. Appen Butler Hill – You have the option of many positions to apply to. There is no set time in which you have to work so if nighttime working is needed, you can easily work through the night.
  4. FancyHands – They hire virtual assistants. Tasks could include calling to cancel an account/service, researching, or data entry. They are typically task available 24/7 but many task you may need to call during business hours.
  5. Scribie – They hire transcriber. You are paid per audio hour. You can work as long as their are audio files to transcribe.
  6. Amazon mTurk – It is a small task website. There are tasks available 24/7 ranging in pay.
  7. LiveOps – You would be hired as a call center working from home. You will need to have $65 ready for the cost of both a credit and background check
  8. Clickworker – You will have the flexibility to work whichever hours you prefer. The tasks include web search, editing, data entry, writing and translation, etc.
  9. Alorica at Home – You would be hired as a customer call agent. You are able to pick your own hours so working during the night is possible. How many hours available at night will depend on the client you are contracted with.
  10. Rev– They hire for translator as well as transcriber. Hours are flexible so you can complete files anytime of the day.
  11. NexRep – You would be hired as a call center agent. You are required to work 15 hours a work minimum. They are open 24/7 so finding night hours to meet the minimum is possible.
  12. Leapforce – They hire search engine evaluators. Tasks are available 24 hours a day.
  13. HSN– Purchases are made through all times of the day. They hire workers to handle orders that come in through the night. Although, it is a work from home position, you must live near one of their local offices.
  14. ZeroChaos – Similar to that of Leapforce. You can pick your own hours so working during the night is possible.
  15. VoiceLog– You would be hired as live operator. You choose the hours you want to work.
  16. Textbroker– You need to be a great writer to work for this company and your work needs to be 100 percent original. You can write anytime of the day so writing during the night is possible.
  17. Humanatic – They need call reviewers to work from home any time listening to and sorting calls.
  18. World Travel Holdings – They offer a variety of different work at home positions in the travel and cruise industry. Some positions are sales and some are customer service. This company often has night shift available for their workers.
  19. Virtual Bee – They would hire you as an independent contractor and you would be there to complete data entry tasks as needed.  You will be able to log in whenever you are available and complete as much work as you can manager.
  20. TranscribeMe – You are brought on as transcriber, QA, or both with room to advance through the company. Files are available at most times of day including the night.


  1. eBay, Amazon, Etsy – As a store owner, you can answer questions, post items for sale, print shipping labels, package products, etc, any time of the day. You pick your hours so you can choose from any number of hours in 24 hour period.
  2. Swagbucks – As a side income earning idea, you can complete tasks, take surveys or play videos whenever your schedule permits you making work from home during the night possible.

Remember, night work from home jobs may offer the flexibility you need but if you are not used to working during the night, then it can be a challenge.

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Diana Scholz
5 years ago

Thanks! I’m going to try out Scribie!

Judith Martinez
Judith Martinez
5 years ago

Lots of good suggestions.

5 years ago

Very helpful, cos i really need a work at home job right now

Billie Rowell
Billie Rowell
5 years ago

Some of these are new to me, thanks for listing them.

Colleen Boudreau
Colleen Boudreau
5 years ago

This is a really good list.. thank you!

Cheryl Everitt
5 years ago

I am going to give VoiceLog a try. Thanks for all the info.

Sam L
Sam L
5 years ago

I always thought about working from home and I mostly stay up at night. This would totally suit me!

4 years ago

Ya learn sonithemg new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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