Work From Home Ideas For College Students

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Work From Home Ideas For College StudentsCollege is expensive. The new school year is here and I’m sure many new and returning students are learning that it is best to have a job so they don’t have to rely heavily on student loans.

Depending on what type of city your college is in, finding a job can be hard. On campus student jobs go quick. Your work schedule has to work around your class schedule.

1. Paid Surveys
Taking paid surveys are a very popular go to for income. I completed surveys while attending college and it was a good side income builder. You can make money, receive free products to tests and sometimes receive gift cards to use for your college needs. Check out the top paying survey companies.

2. Dog Walker/Babysitter/House Sitter
If you attend college in a large city, there will always be someone looking for someone like you to complete a service for them. Whether it is babysitting, dog sitting, house sitting, or even walking their dog, many of these services can pay a minimum of $10/hour. Depending on your experience and the need of the buyer, it could go upwards to $30/hr. The two most popular sites that can help you find people to provide these services to are and

3. Transcription
Transcription is the process of turning audio, video, or handwritten text into typed text. Beginners can earn anywhere from $10/audio hour to $20/audio hour. Many starter jobs just require a quiet area to transcribe, speakers/headphones and the ability to pass a company’s training test. If you live on campus, the chances of you having a quiet area to transcribe is more likely. If you live off campus, the best option would be to work in the college library if you don’t have a quiet area. Most companies do require that you have some transcription experience. However, there are companies that will take on some independent contractors without experience. Take a look at the top 4 companies that will hire for transcription without experience.

4. Online Tutor
Do you have the ability to effectively teach others? Well you could make $20/hr teaching other students. There are many places that hire for tutors. You can find local tutor positions for elementary, middle school and even other college students. But Chegg(InstaEDU) started their own online website to provide students with an online tutoring experience. You get to tutor on your own schedule. All you need is a Facebook account, college id, teaching ability and some expertise in a subject. You can also look into

5. Freelancing
Nine times out of ten, you have several different talents that just can’t be thrown into a category. That’s where freelancing comes in. The most common area for college students to find freelance work is through Fiverr. College students sell anything from passing out flyers, creating banners, voice overs, sharing links, etc. You can also look into SEOClerks, which is very similar to Fiverr. If you are looking for longer term freelancing positions, you can look into to Upwork.

6. Blogging
So you have a lot to express and you want to start a blog? It’s so simple. You pick your design. You pick your name. You pick your genre, You pick what you want to write and how you want to write it. You can use a free platform such as or Tumbler or a paid platform such as WordPress. You can earn money from Google Adsense, product reviews, sponsored posts, affliate sales, etc.

7. YouTube Producer
Lastly, many college students have successful YouTube accounts. Although anyone can be a YouTube producer, there are certain things you need to possess to become successful. You need a camera, proper lighting, editing software, desire to communicate with your viewers, and social media management skills. You can earn money from Google Adsense, brand deals, affliate sales, and even paid events. The earnings are endless depending on how far you take your channel.

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Debra Holloway
Debra Holloway
5 years ago

These are some great and novel ideas. I really like the YouTube producer for college students.

Samantha Michelle
Samantha Michelle
5 years ago

Definitely love this since I relate so much to it. I usually do surveys to earn extra money besides my part time & my school

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