Upwork Proposals That Will Win You The Job

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Upwork Proposal Basics

Upwork is giving freelancers all over the world like you access to the some of the best clients with awesome projects/jobs. Here are some tips that can help you create winning Upwork Proposals.

So how do you write a good Upwork proposal?

Don’t Copy And Paste

Every client’s requirement is different and so one should never copy and paste the same proposal to multiple clients. Show the client that you read through the entire job post. One way to do this is by mentioning the title of the job post and other details included.

Note: It’s okay to have a template that outlines your skills and highlights why you are the perfect person for the job. It will actually save you some time in the long, but, it’s not okay to copy and paste the same proposal to all clients you apply for without addressing important requirements in the job posting. 

Your goal is to show the client why they should hire you over all of the other candidates. If you have worked on similar jobs or projects in the past, do mention them and explain how that experience will be relevant to the client’s job.

Know Your Worth

Not every client will pay the same amount for the same kind of work. You can check the client’s budget to give you a hint of whether the client will be a good fit or not. How much has he/she paid in the past? Upwork Client Pay


Please don’t underbid because you fear their is more competition who will work for less. Be confident of your skills and know your worth. If you are a newbie, you want to increase your charges as you gain experience and get good feedback from clients.

But if you are an experienced freelancer, bid your worth. Clients do not know your worth. Only you do.

Always Reread Your Proposal

Spelling mistakes and poor grammar will always get your proposal denied. Such a simple mistake shows you lack attention to detail. Always proofread your proposal before clicking on the submit button. Make sure your profile is well written too, as clients often check these out before they offer a job.

My go to favorites are Grammarly and SpellCheckPlus.

Keep It Simple

Depending on the position and if it is invite only, the client will receive tons of proposals. You don’t want to burden them with too much information. Keep it simple. Three or four short paragraphs is adequate.


Your proposal (and your cover letter in particular) is easily one of the biggest contributing factors when it comes to winning contracts.

Fortunately, as long as you follow the tips I provided you’ll be able to take your own cover letters to the next level.

In fact, get yourself over to Upwork right now. Fire off some proposals while this stuff is still fresh in your head. Never know, you might surprise yourself.

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