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A new transcription company has come into the transcription world. TranscribeTeam.

They are looking for people interested in regular work in transcription and editing/reviews of transcripts. They break up audio up into segments of 10 minutes so that workers don’t have to set aside long periods of time to work for them.
They pay $0.40-$0.65 per minute depending on the quality of work. They pay weekly (Sundays) via PayPal for completed work.
You are required to complete two transcriptions tests before being hired on as an Independent Contractor for them.

Red Flags

The tests are the exact same test that Rev Transcriptions uses which raised some concerns for me. There style guides are also the same as Rev. There site is plain. There WhoIs information don’t seem to match with who they are and where they are located. Due to these concerns, questions surrounded this company.
Ad Lean is supposedly said to be the parent company to Rev and TranscribeTeam.
I signed up and completed one editing job with job. It was 4 segment puts together equaling up to about 30 mins. I was paid on Sunday for that work completed. Below you will find the payment proof from that.
Although I have received payment, I have some concerns. For that reason, I do not completely recommend TranscribeTeam just yet.
If you would like to test it out for yourself, you can apply here.


They have changed the day in which they pay from Sunday to Monday. For the Transcription Side, audio files range from 30 secs to 10 mins. For the Editing Side, audio files range from 30 secs to 90 mins. They are now requiring time stamps to be put in manually on the Editing Side. The amount of work varies but it has been on the low side from what I can see.
There have only been a few changes since they announced hiring. New functionality features such as Work History, and Payment Amount are expected to be added to the site soon.
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