Top Reasons Why You Haven’t Found A Work From Home Job

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No getting stuck in morning traffic. No¬†spending half of your check paying for gas to get to work.¬†Potentially eliminating day care costs. Who wouldn’t want to work¬†from home with such great perks!? Unfortunately, you’re one of the¬†many people who can’t seem to find a working at home opportunity.

Here are the reason’s why you can’t seem to find a working at home opportunity:

Unrealistic Expectations

You want to work from home. You want a¬†work from home job that is way above minimum wage. You want to have¬†full control over your hours. You want holidays and weekends off. Plus you want paid training and paid vacation time. Let’s not forget¬†you want full medical, dental, and 401k benefits. The chances of you¬†finding a job that offers all of that is very slim to none. Many work¬†from home jobs you will find will be independent contractor¬†positions. So what does that mean? Independent contractors are√ā¬†considered self employed so there are no company benefits such as¬†pension, vacation time, or medical and dental insurance. You can have complete control over your hours but because you are not a salaried employee, the amount of hours you put in will directly affect your¬†weekly, bi-weekly or monthly paycheck.

If you are lucky enough to land full time employment with a company, then you would receive benefits but you might not have full control of your hours, which means you may be required to work weekends and holidays.

You Don’t Know What You Want

In a typical job search, you are¬†limited to certain jobs depending on your experience, educational¬†training, and location. In a working at home job search, you open the¬†doors to several different types of jobs that you didn’t even know¬†existed. With so many options, you simply cannot choose what type is¬†the best for you. Do your research. Find out what the job entails.

Look into what employee/contractors feel about working for the company. You can go to and look up company reviews. You can also go to WAHM forum to get overall reviews about working for certain companies.

You¬†Don’t Know Where To Look

Many times if someone tells an acquaintance, family or friend about this awesome job they do from the comfort of their home, the first question that is asked is where did you find that job? Most who are interested in working from home have no clue where they need to be looking. The great thing is that they are made known to people just as easy as a regular job. They are posted on social media, Indeed, work from home forums, magazines, newspapers, and sometimes on television. You can also check with your local temporary employment agency.

You¬†Don’t Really Want A Job

With so many¬†options that can be easily found, the final conclusion that can be¬†made is you simply don’t want a job. You can make every excuse in the¬†book, a work from home can be found. It can also lead to other¬†promising positions. If you haven’t found anything, then you can’t¬†truly be looking for one. Individuals outside of the United States¬†accept work from home ideas that pay pennies on the dollar per hour.

If you really want a work at home job, you will do what needs to be done. No excuses needed.

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