Top Best Survey Companies: Get Paid For Your Opinion

You wont get rich doing a paid survey. There are also several scams out there and sites that just aren’t worth the time. Overt the years, I have come across many companies. Several which I stopped doing surveys on. But below I will tell you my top 2 survey companies. They have been the easiest to join, take surveys and get paid. Then, below that, I’ll show you the other Top 30 best paid survey companies.

1. Mindfield Online

Mindfield Online is an online survey panel operated by McMillion Research. Mindfield and McMillion Research are active members of some of America’s largest marketing associations. Survey panelists of Mindfield Online receive cash awards as well as entries into cash prize draws in exchange for their online survey participation. Surveys are almost always available if you can catch them. They occasionally pick individuals to test full size products and you vote on them before they hit the shelves. Payout methods include Check, PayPal, Amazon, etc.

2. SurveyU

SurveyU is a special online survey panel which explores the attitudes and behaviors of college students. Members of SurveyU receive points in exchange for their opinions. Points are redeemable for iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Certificates, or cash via PayPal. It is very easy to accumulate points. Normally 2 surveys will put you at the withdraw limit minimum ($5 PayPal).

Top 30 Legitimate Paid Survey Companies

Of course, this is not the entire list but I have compiled a list of 30 companies that I am familiar with for US members. I have also compiled a list of companies that are well known for international members.


  1. TravelTails
  2. Opinion Bureau
  3. iSurveyWorld
  4. MindsPay Panel
  5. InboxDollars
  6. Ipsos Panel
  7. Survey Rewardz
  8. YourSurveys
  9. Harris Poll Online
  10. Opinions USA Survey
  11. MyPoints
  12. SendEarnings
  13. OpinionNetwork Daily Survey
  14. Springboard America
  15. Opinion Outpost
  16. Cashback Research
  17. Panda Research
  18. RewardBee
  19. PinconeResearch
  20. SwagBucks – Find Out The Secret To Earning Big On SwagBucks
  21. Panel Station
  22. National Consumer Panel
  23. YouGov
  24. VIP Voice Panel
  25. Survey Round Table
  26. Toluna Opinions
  27. MySurvey Panel
  28. E-Poll
  29. Global Test Market Panel
  30. MySoapBox Panel

International Survey Panels

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