Top 5 Ways To Be A Successful WAHM

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Whether you’re starting a business or telecommuting on a job, there’s great deal of flexibility in working at home. But it takes some discipline to be a successful wahm. Following are several tips that will help you in your work-at-home endeavors.

Work Around Your Kids

Set aside blocks of time to work when your kids are at school. If you have little ones, keep them entertained in another room while you’re working. You can also get a considerable amount of work done during their naptimes.

Set Schedule/Goals

Working at home is no different than a job with respect to a schedule and goals. Choose a schedule that is most convenient for you, when you have the least amount of disruptions. Create an agenda each day as if you’re going to an office. This will increase your productivity.

Remove Distractions

It’s best to set aside a specific room to work your business. That way you have the privacy of a door. Inform your family that you’re not to be interrupted during work hours, unless there’s an emergency.

Get Plenty of Rest

Don’t overdo it as a work-at-home mom. Learn to pull away from your business and relax with your family. Also, make sure you get seven or eight hours of sleep so you can approach each new day with vigor and ambition.

Create a Good Work Environment

Buy the necessary furniture, filing cabinets and equipment so you can adequately organize and perform your work. Open the blinds to enhance your lighting but buy desk or stand-alone lamps as needed for the right atmosphere. You may also want to invest in an ergonomic chair for comfort. Avoid televisions and casual seats like beanbag chairs or sofas, which can distract you during the day.

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