Top 4 Transcription Companies For Newbies

The average individual can make a range of $35 to $50 hourly doing transcription jobs. Of course, the higher paying companies require that you have experience before they hire you on to take large profits from some of their best and loyal clients. How do you get experience? You sign up with a company that can serve as your experience and work yourself up the ranks. Many transcription companies allow you to start off as a Transcriber and as your accuracy and progress increases, they promote you to Quality Assurance, Reviewer, and sometimes Team Lead.

Below you will find the top 4 companies who hire those who have no experience.


Pay rate is $20 per audio hour. Files are 1 minute +. Payment is made on Mondays to your PayPal account granted you have reached the cash out amount.


Pay rate is $10 per audio hour. Files are 6 minutes or less. You can choose the files you want to work on. Payment can be requested at any time to a verified PayPal account.


All work is done through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Pay is base rate and a bonus may be added. Payment is processed through your Amazon Payments accounts. Can be redeemed for direct deposit to bank account, gift card or Amazon purchases. Update ** – Work is still available on Amazon Mechanical Turk but they are also available through WorkMarket. Payments can be deposited to your bank account or WorkMarket payment card. ***Bonuses only available for work completed through WorkMarket.

Casting Words

All work is completed through their Workshop platform and is paid through PayPal. Pay is a base rate plus a bonus, so the pay rate for a beginner transcriptionist is pretty decent if you continually rate highly on their work. The better you do, the higher your score, the better paying work you get.


Do you have other transcription companies that work well with newbies? Comment below or share with someone looking for transcription work.

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