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If you’re looking for some extra cash or to grow your home business than being a TaskRabbit may be right up your alley

TaskRabbit is an online platform that allows busy people with too much on their “to do” list to outsource errands to those willing to do them for a small fee.

How does it work?

Once an account is opened, Task Posters put up a task they want completed and TaskRabbit then bid on the task.

So what kind of to-do list items will I be completing?

TaskRabbits can work in any of our task categories assuming they have the skills and abilities to do so. The possibilities are endless! Some of the categories available on the site are as follows:

Delivery,Cleaning, Event Planning, Personal Assistant, Entertainment, Furniture Assembly, Heavy Lifting, Minor Home Repairs, Moving Help, Organization, Accounting, Arts / Crafts ,Automotive, Carpentry & Construction, Computer Help, Cooking / Baking, Data Entry, Decoration, Deep Clean, Wait In Live, etc.

Should I become a TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a flexible source of income, allowing you to decide what you want to do, when you want to do it, and who you want to do it for. It is a great choice for students, stay at home mom, or freelancers. It can also be a very rewarding job. It can introduce you to new and different clients that can help grow your work portfolio and experience.

How do I get started?

While becoming a TaskRabbit is fairly simple, you are required to complete a vetting process. This includes an application, video interview, a federal and local criminal background check and a training session. The entire process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, and as TaskRabbits are chosen according to the specific needs of the area in which they apply, not everyone gets accepted. Once you are approved you can start bidding for jobs and building an online reputation right away.

How much can I make?

That all depends on you. You can make a few dollars a week up to $2,000 a week.

How will I be paid?

After a task is completed and closed, payments are dispersed to bank account via direct deposit within 72 hours.

As you can see, TaskRabbit provides the opportunity to make some decent cash while maintaining your own hours and independence. If you’ve done TaskRabbit before, please share your experience in the comments below.

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Mary La Fornara
6 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I've never heard of this company before. I will be passing this info to some college student I know.

Louisa Kopp
6 years ago

I've used TaskRabbit to hire someone to do general office work. Great experience!

Thomasina Guidry
6 years ago

This is such a good idea. I had this as my business plan a few years ago. I despise grocery shopping, but I would do it if someone paid me to do it. Thanks for sharing this resource.

6 years ago

I have never heard of taskrabbit but what a great resource. Thanks for the info!

6 years ago

TaskRabbit sounds like a great opportunity for moms who want to stay home, students, or retirees. I love neat ideas like this.

Jccee Barney
6 years ago

TaskRabbit sounds like a great resource for someone who wants to own their time. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!!

6 years ago

This sounds like a great opportunity to earn supplemental income.

orana velarde
6 years ago

Ive never heard of this. Is it only US based?

Danielle F
Danielle F
6 years ago
Reply to  orana velarde

They are still expanding to international locations. I believe the only international area they service right now is London.

Tiara Wilson
6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.
I have never heard of this and I have been looking for legit businesses to work with to make a little extra cash here and there!

Kaitie Fuchsia Freezer

really interesting read! Thanks for sharing!

Tinseltown Mom
6 years ago

Very interesting. Going to be looking into Task Rabbit.

6 years ago

I've never heard of the company or service, but I can definitely see how it could be beneficial. I'm certainly going to have to do some research on this because I'm always looking to make some extra money!

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this. It's a great way to make money in my spare time.

6 years ago

I have never heard of it before. Checking it out now!

Kim Seghers
6 years ago

Thank you for sharing . I am checking in to this soon. I have a friend that her son drives for UBER in a major city and makes great money. I would love to run people's errands.

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