Survey Savvy & Savvy Connect Review

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If you haven’t joined already, then you are missing out on some good money. Survey Savvy offers many opportunities to earn money and rewards.

What Is Survey Savvy?

Survey SavvySurvey Savvy is not just another website offering surveys collected from all over the place.  It is an actual market research company that has been around for years that hosts their own surveys

They work with big business, multinational corporations, such as Netflix, Nickelodeon, Target, and Ebay, as well as many small, lesser-known research firms.

How Does It Work?

Survey Savvy pays a minimum of $3 per survey.  The length of the survey is proportional to the amount paid.  Longer surveys can pay upwards of $20. They do not use a point system, all earnings are paid in US dollars.

As like most survey companies, you must qualify for the survey in order to continue to be paid. However, if you don’t pass the qualification survey as a token of appreciation for your time, you will be entered into a monthly draw.

Savvy Connect App – Additional Way To Earn Money

Survey Savvy has its own app for computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets.  It is a free software that tracks your digital actions to help companies learn about consumer purchase behavior–the sites we visit, how often we research products before making a purchase, and the things we do after we buy online.

Survey Savvy Connect
Survey Savvy does very well at letting all members know that they will be offered higher paying surveys and research projects if you have the app downloaded on your main computer.  However, the offers will start coming in before you’ve download it at all.  In fact, the longer, higher paying research projects will require that you download the app on three devices: your PC or Mac computer, smartphone, and tablet.  In addition to higher paying studies, you will also earn $5/per device it is installed on every month!

Who Can Join Survey Savvy?

If you are 14 years old and up, have internet connection, a valid email address, and mailing address, then you can join. International members are also more than welcome to join. Survey Savvy currently has over 1.5 million members from 190 countries.

Survey Savvy Payment Options | How Am I Paid?

They pay via check which is probably the only con about this company.  The minimum balance for redemption is $1.00.  It typically takes 4-6 weeks for a request to be processed. I have seen people complain that they never received their Survey Savvy check but please allow it time to arrive and make sure you have the correct mailing address on file.

How Do I Signup?

  1. Go to SurveySavvy
  2. Fill out registration form
  3. Download SavvyConnect
  4. Start earning money

If you are a member, we would like to hear from you.  Share your experience with below.

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