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There are always to earn money for the things you already do. Who spends countless hours of time on social media everyday. Why not get paid for it?! They are countless ways to earn money through social media that you have such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest. Below you will find companies that have brands that will pays you to post.

Heartbeat –¬†Get paid to talk about stuff that they love on Instagram & Snapchat.

Advowire – Get paid to share ads on Twitter.

Brandbassador –¬†Become an ambassador for your favorite brands and organisations – and complete missions they give you to help spread the word.

BitLanders –¬†Bitlanders is a fairly new social platform that rewards its users in Bitcoins for their content.

BrandBacker – Work with innovative companies and agencies across Beauty, Womens Apparel, Skincare, Footwear, Food, Health, Accessories, Menswear, Travel, DIY & more.

ShareMagnet РGet paid to share links among your normal day to day social networking sites.

Sale Spider РGet paid to connect with other people and share content.

SharePop –¬†Promote apps and content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and earn money!

ShopYourLikes – Get paid to promote brands on your Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

YouTube Sponsorship (Can be full-time income)

While most people wouldn’t automatically think about YouTube when they think about getting paid to share something on a social media site, it is very popular source of income for someone with a large YouTube following. Below you find places that will provide sponsorship for you to make videos about certain products.
Famebit¬†–¬†Largest sponsorship inventory. 1,000 minimum YouTube subscribers
Grapevine¬†–¬†Get paid sponsorships for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. 5,000 minimum subscribers needed
Stylehaul РFashion and beauty network. 2 year contract required.
Reelio ¬†–¬†Find top brands for the right sponsorships

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