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Unless your profession is sales, the thought of selling yourself in a job interview can be scary. The good news is there is a way you can talk about yourself without sounding egotistic or overly desperate. Here are some tips and tricks to selling yourself in a job interview.

Do Your Research

During your job interview, try to switch the focus off of you and instead show your interviewer what you can do for the company. Make sure to at least ask one question that expresses interest in what the company is currently working on and then tactfully weigh in. It could be anything from their online image to a new direction they are trying to go. Then, use previous work experience or a specific skill set to highlight exactly how you would do that. In this way, you’re selling yourself, but in a positive way that is meant to help the company.

Mind Your Tone

Have you ever noticed how the same sentence can sound totally different depending on the how someone says it? The way you speak can convey a lot in an interview. When interviewing for a work from home/remote position, this is very important. Unless you are having a video interview, the interviewer cannot read your body language. Being loud, bold, and brash can be a big turnoff for a potential employer.

Be Honest

There’s a very fine line between self-promotion and gloating. If you want to impress a interviewer, be honest about your experiences. If you feel the need to embellish because you feel insecure about qualifications, remember this: if you weren’t qualified for the position, you wouldn’t have been offered an interview in the first place.

Keep It Short

Egotistical individuals love to talk about themselves and they love the sound of their own voice. That why they tend to ramble when they answer a question. Always compose your thoughts before you answer an question. You should have a 30 to 60 seconds “elevator pitch”.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the most common job interview questions you will be asked is, “What is your biggest weakness?” The truth is no one is perfect and your interviewer knows that too which is why they asked you that question. You should have one or two things that you can say you need to improve on. For some, it can be as simple as finding a hard time to self-manage when you working a remote job. It can be overthinking things, etc. These things don’t show failure, per se, but it does make you more human as you portray a weakness—and how you’re working to make it better.

Selling yourself in an interview does not have to daunting or difficult. You just have to know how to navigate the interview correctly.

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