Ride Sharing Driver Jobs: How To Do It Without Owning A Car

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Many people have expressed interest in ride sharing driver jobs. Unfortunately, a loRide Sharing Driver Jobs: How To Do It Without Owning A Cart of people are having similar issues. Ether they don’t have a car or their car doesn’t meet the requirements of the ride sharing company. Well I have a solution for you all. There are companies that you can get a car to drive and provide ride sharing services with.Ride Sharing Driver Jobs: How To Do It Without Owning A Car


HyreCar is an online marketplace where you can rent a car to drive for ride sharing platforms.

You must:

  • Hold a current, valid driver’s license.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Driver driving history may not show:

a)  A major violation in the last 3-5 years
b)  More than 2 minor violations in the last 3 years, or
c)  More than 1 minor violation in the last year

  • Have an in-state driver license, licensed for at least one year in state you want to rent car.
  • Possess a mobile phone in your own name that we can verify through text message.
  • Be a registered user of HyreCar.

Bankruptcies or repossessions are frowned upon.

A security deposit is require to rent one of the available cars.

Insurance is included in all rentals.


Breeze allows people without a car to lease a Prius to drive for platforms like Sidecar, Lyft and Uber.

You must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Own a smartphone
  • Have a valid in-state driver’s license
  • Be licensed to drive for at least a year prior to applying
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Be fluent in English
Bankruptcies or repossessions are frowned upon.

There is a membership fee as well as a weekly rental/lease fee. Outside of those, if you go over your weekly mile limit, you are charged 0.15/mile and there is a $5 late fee for not paying your lease on time.

You are responsible for maintaining insurance on your vehicle that meets our minimum coverage requirements.

Lyft/Hertz Rental Car Program

Hertz has teamed up with Lyft to offer rentals car for those who wish to use them to be a rideshare driver.


You must:

  • Be approved to drive on the Lyft platform
  • Be in good standing with Hertz
  • 25 years and older
  • Have valid driver’s license
  • Have valid credit or debit card


Hertz Loss Damage Waiver is included in the rental, and applies when off-app and when on-app in “Available” status.


***Uber has there own financing option as well.

Finally for some, this may seem like overwhelming information. For others, this might be the exact thing you need to get started with Uber, Side Car, or Lyft. If you are considering, weigh your options and make sure this is the best option for you.

Ride Sharing Driver Jobs: How To Do It Without Owning A CarRide Sharing Driver Jobs: How To Do It Without Owning A Car

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