Microtask Jobs | 11 Ways To Get Paid To Do Small Tasks

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On the off chance that you have somewhat young at home — you realize how troublesome it very well may be to complete things. Be that as it may, on the grounds that you have a family home and erratic calendars, doesn’t imply that you can’t telecommute. Truth be told, short errands, some of the time called, microtask jobs are the ideal route for occupied mothers to procure some additional cash, while as yet being promptly accessible for their kiddos.

Microtask Jobs /Sites for Making Money from Home

A microtask is any activity or task that can be finished in a short measure of time. The assignments that can be finished fluctuate generally in nature (composing, altering, interpretation, viewing a video, online research, and so on.) as does the compensation. In any case, the motivation behind why this is such an incredible open door for mothers is that the errands can be finished whenever, and most of short assignments don’t expect mothers to be on the phone.

Here are places to make money online by doing microtask jobs:

Crowdsource – Complete micro-tasks like image search engine evaluation, transcription, website categorization and writing.

Clickworker – Clickworker pays you to complete a variety of tasks. The average person makes around $9 per hour, but it really depends on the task you complete. Pay is via Paypal. ( Can be full-time income)

Prolific Academic – Prolific Academic is crowdsoucing platform that include tasks and surveys geared towards studies and science. Much higher pay then most crowdsource websites.

Microworkers – Crowdsource website that pays you to complete task such as comment on YouTube videos, blog posts, etc.
Amazon Mechanical Turk – Get paid for doing small tasks. This could be anything from data entry to writing. You get paid per HIT and you can transfer your earnings to your bank or your Amazon gift card balance as soon as you have reached $1. (Can be full-time income)
Rapid Workers – This site allows users to post small jobs, tasks and errands to a student workforce.
Humantic – Earn money online by reviewing and sorting phone calls for the company. Pay is via PayPal once you accumulate $10.
Fiverr – Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell services for only $5. Payment is through PayPal and their Payoneer payment card.
NeevoNeevo by DefinedCrowd is an online platform where everyone can contribute to the development and improvement of the next evolution of Artificial Intelligence
OneSpace – Earn money online doing surveys, copywriting, quality assurance, foreign language transcription and more. If you pass qualifying tests you can work on higher paying tasks.
Figure Eight – Lastly, this site is formerly known as CrowdFlower and now acquired by Appen, Figure Eight offers tasks such as categorizing social media, moderate content, transcribe audio, and more.

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