Luckinews Review | Get Paid To Read News?

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Luckinews is a new website that says they’ll pay you $7 to read simple news articles, and you can earn even more if you refer friends to the site. Sounds simple and lucrative, doesnt it? Does it really work, or is Luckinews a scam?

How Do I Earn

You earn $7 for each article you read,. There is a maximum of 35 articles per day which gives you grand earning potential of $245/day  You can earn more by referring friends and family. You receive a $35 bonus for each referral plus you earn 15% of the earnings of anyone you refer.

How Am I Paid

Payments are processed through PayPal, Payza and Skrill. However, there is a $2300 minimum payout amount.

Now I’m all for earning good money from home. I have tried almost every kind of site under the sun but when something like this sounds too good to be true and there is no solid proof then it more than likely is false claims.

If you follow Ultimate WAH Blog, then you know I have pointed out Survey Full, Ok-Quiz, Up-Survey, Survey TrendO, Cash Tasks, CircumNews and sites such as TheWeeklyPay, 50DollarJob, & MyTaskPay as scams. This site is no different than all of the listed above known scams.

The problem with sites like these is they prey on individuals that NEED money. People who need money will try almost anything that sounds good. They use the illusion of fast, easy money. All they have to do is produce false payment claims and/or payment proofs and they have caught the eye of someone who needs money and needs it now.

How Come They Have Not Been Shut Down

Sites like these will always be around. Because of the fast money promise, it spreads like wildfire. All it takes is a few people to claim it’s legit and everyone hops on the back of the wagon. It’s only so much you can do about sites like these. They aren’t taking your money so they can’t be considered a Ponzi scheme. Most of them don’t hack into your account so you can’t bring charges on them for that. The only thing they are doing wrong is receiving money from advertisers and not paying the site users. Is it morally wrong? Yes. Will it stop? Nope.

**** There is so many legitimate ways to make money online for FREE. I have discussed several of them over the years on this blog. Find the way that works best for you and stop falling for these see-thru scams.

If you have experience with this website or an opinion of it, please comment below.

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