Amazon Mechanical Turk | $50/day possible on mTurk?

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A few people have inquired about Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk) and if it is possible to make any real money on it. Is $50/day possible on mTurk? It has come to my attention that people know how to make money on there. They just don’t know the tricks to make enough to make it worth their time. The biggest problem is knowing what HITS to accept and do.

The trick is using the resources made available to you to find good hits and completely batches.

There are forums that list HITS, how they take to do and how much they pay that can come in hand when trying to find HITS. Now although this method can be helpful, going through all the pages can waste time. There is no real way to know when those HITS are no longer available and they regularly post HITS that require a granted Masters qualification. The most helpful tool for finding HITS worth your time is using Reddit. Using this method will cut down on wasted time.

Along with completing hits on Reddit, batches can add to your daily earnings. A batch HIT is a task that can be completed over and over again. Batches are usually HITS that can be completed in less than a minute. Below is a list of some good batch requesters.

Batch Mturk Requesters
Jon Brelig
Acme Data Collection
Oscar Smith

***Bonuses are also granted for some hits and batches.

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