Influence Mobile Review | Get Paid To Be A Sports Fan

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Influence Mobile Review | Get Paid To Be A Sports Fan

Name: Influence Mobile

Applications: [Apple] [Android]

Price: Free

Influence Mobile is the new kid on the block. Money making applications come and go. Some will be profitable for you and some will be just a waste of your precious time. With the changes to the earning potential of Perk apps, I thought it was only necessary to find an alternative application to consider to offset the lost of weekly money.

This application has been around since 2013. It didn’t become a little popular until last year. There were a few kinks in the program so some people lost a little interest. I’ve revisited it and there is major earning potential there.

How Do I Earn?

You earn points for activities completed. Each activity ranges in points from 10 to 300. You earn 10 points for liking or disliking a picture posting from sports team members. You earn 10 points for reading articles. You can earn 20 points or 300 points for clicking on an ad. How much you earn for each activity will be highlighted in yellow.

I know you’re thinking, “Well won’t I run out of activities”? Well that’s the best thing, you can add as many teams to your app that you want to add to your point count. You can choose from Professional Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, College Basketball and Football. When you’re ready to view that team, you just click the button next to the team that looks like Wi-Fi lines to add it to your feed.

Note: If you interesting in the branded sports gear, you want to download the app that is specifically for the team you desire. For example, each team has their own app. If you want Miami Heat branded jerseys, hats, etc, then you want to download their app. If you want Colorado Rapids branded totes and crock pots, then you download their app. 

How Much Can I Earn?

This should only be used for supplement income. Reaching the bare minimum of Gold each day, you can earn a $10 gift card in 8 days. You are not limited to how many points you can earn a day. How much you earn each day depends on you, how many teams you have added and how many activities you do. I have seen some people earn $50 gift cards in day.  It all depends on you.

Daily Levels

Bronze: Reach 1,000 points, Get 100 point bonus
Silver: Reach 5,000 points, Get 500 points bonus
Gold: Reach 10,000 points, Get 1,000 points bonus

There are also daily giveaways. If you reach Silver level, you get a free entry into the giveaway for that day. Note: Entry in daily giveaway is not instant, you must click on the “Enter Now for FREE” button. 

How Am I Paid?

Unfortunately, Paypal is not an option for this one. You can only get paid with sports branded gear and gift cards. Gift card options include: Amazon, Best Buy, Chipotle, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Target, Gap, Nike, Chilli’s, and The Home Depot. Gift card amounts are $10, $25 (select stores), and $50. Sports branded gear includes but is not limited to: tote bags, sweaters, jerseys, crock pots, shoes, jewelry, shirts, hats, etc.

How long it takes to receive your prize will depend on what you redeem your points for. Gift cards are delivered within 24 hours. Branded gear takes a few weeks to be shipped and received.

How Do I Sign Up?

[Apple] [Android]

  1. Go to your mobile phone app store and search “Influence Mobile” or go to the link above for your mobile phone operation system.
  2. Select the sport team you desire branded gear from.
  3. Download and start earning.
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