How To Start A Blog (5 Step Beginners Guide)

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So, are you wondering how to start a blog? You’ve come to the right place. I will break it down step by step how to get started with your own blog.

How To Start A Blog To Make Money – Easy Steps

1. Determine Blog Genre

Unless your blog is strictly for your own enjoyment, you’re probably hoping to gain readers/audience. It’s important to consider what others might want to read but always remember to write about something you enjoy and something that you build a discussion around.

2. Find A Blogging Platform

You have two options for your blog: you can choose from a list of the free blog hosting sites or go with self-hosted.

For new bloggers, the use of free blogging platforms such as Blogger, Typepad or Tumblr is appealing and most desired. The greatest benefit is that it is free but blogging a free platform has it’s limitations if you want to earn money from it.

By having your blog on a free platform, you’ll be subject to their rules and restrictions, they may limit or prohibit ads on your blog, or they may even place their own ads on your blog. If you’re serious about blogging, you will not want to stay on a free blogging platform.

3. Choose A Domain

A domain is a web address. For example, is my domain. When picking a domain name, you want to be creative but easy to spell or recognize. **You want to think of a domain name. Please keep in mind that you may not want to purchase a domain at this step because many hosting packages will provide a free domain with your hosting purchase.

4. Sign up for hosting

A host provides server space for your site so others can find you on the internet.


The first one is Hostgator. It’s one that we recommend, and they have a sweet deal for our viewers where you can start a blog for a penny. If you get a 3 year package, you can get one as low as $3.96/month. Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, so you don’t run into shortage issues. Hostgator use wind power which is really cool, green, and environmentally friendly.

They have a phone number for international users as well, and 24/7 phone support and live chat. They are pretty good about solving any minor issues that you have so you don’t have to worry about it. Basically their support is really awesome. You can’t say that about all web hosting.

A big difference for Hostgator is that you can sign up month to month and get a good deal vs other web hosts where you can to have a long term contract to do so.


The next one is BlueHost. Like Hostgator, you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. If you sign up a 2-3 year deal, you can get for about $3 to $4 / month. They have 24/7 phone support and email support. They also offer a script setup that can be a little easier than Fantastico. While we love Hostgator, this is a good alternative.

Fat Cow

Apart from having a cute name, Fat Cow is not only cheap, it offers you a whole lot. The longer that you sign on with this hosting company, the greater the discount you receive too.

This is web hosting that is powered by wind energy, and they also have oodles of extra goodies like a Google AdWords credit, a Yahoo! and Bing credit, a Facebook advertisement credit, and you get a free Yellow Pages listing. Nextiva also offers a free toll free phone number with the service, and it’s a great Word Press publishing platform.

So let’s go over some of the specs:

  • Unlimited Disk space, bandwidth and email and MySQL databases
  • Free domain name and shopping card
  • SSL secure server
  • Free script bar (which includes WordPress, Joomla, and more)
  • Customer support can be reached 24 hours a day, every day of the week through phone, email and live chat, so if you ever encounter a problem you know you have back up.

Just Host

The final hosting service to make it onto our list is the web hosting service. As with the other hosting services they offer the 24/7 customer service and technical support, and they also boast an anytime money back guarantee – so you know that you won’t get stuck in some service that you hate!

This hosting service offers the same sort of features that other cheap hosting services do, like:

  • Free shopping carts, domain name and site builder (including templates)
  • Google and Yahoo! Ad credits
  • Instant setup
  • Unlimited domains, including parked domains
  • Free script library (through SimpleScripts)
  • Free installation of WordPress and Joomla

5. Design & use your blog

The hard work is done. Now it is the time, to design it to your liking or hire someone to design it. Start writing!

Did you learn how to start a blog? Share or comment below.

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Wanda Bee
Wanda Bee
5 years ago

I’ve always wondered how to go about starting a blog.

5 years ago

nice post! thank you for sharing

5 years ago

Great tips – thanks for sharing!

michele soyer
5 years ago

Never knew how to start a blog and now I am interested in doing one..

Jeanette Jackson
Jeanette Jackson
5 years ago

Thank you for the good tips.

cc april
5 years ago

I really want to start a blog, and found this so helpful, thanks

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