Freebies – The Secret To Receiving Them Exposed

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Everyone loves free things. It doesn’t matter if they are gifts or even something found. But did you know that you could have a mailbox full of goodies everyday!? I love to head out to the mailbox in the afternoon, open it up, and find that m latest surprise has arrived. Finally, the secret to freebies is exposed.

Freebie Reddits

There are a few communities on Reddit that post free items. You can find downloads, movie tickets, snacks, beauty products, magazines,person hygiene products, etc. Please keep in mind that many of them will include a sample size. Those are as follows:


If you’re ever searched the web for a good deal then you might be familiar with this website but I bet you did not know that they have a section to find free items. The community makes the requirements to get the freebie very clear.

Fat Wallet

This community is very similar to Slickdeals. This one will even provide tips and tricks on how to spot fake deals/free items.


You get to pick the samples you are eager to try. Also they’ll ship you a box full of samples directly to you for free. Samples are typically available every week.


In addition to the previous mentioned, you can get invited to try free samples from 500+ brands on Swaggable, who are looking to engage new consumers like you. Samples are directly mailed to your home.


Finally, sellers on Amazon are always looking for product reviews. The majority of buyers don’t take the time to leave reviews. More reviews equals more sales if the product is worth the money. Reviews are so important that sellers are willing to give products for free or highly discounted in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.Tell me what you received in your mailbox! Share and comment below.

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Leslie Crosbie
Leslie Crosbie
5 years ago

Even when I come across a freebie and think its coming 90% of the time it never reaches me!

Wanda Tracey
Wanda Tracey
5 years ago

I love getting freebies and enjoy the days they come in the mail.They are nice little surprises and some of them are things I have always wanted to try before buying!!

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