Gomez Peer Zone Review – Compuware Will Pay You For Surfing Internet

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Website: www.gomezpeerzone.com/

What Is Gomez Peer Zone?

Gomez Peer Zone is affiliated with their parent company Compuware Gomez. Compuware Gomez is an established company that has been around for years. Gomez Peer Zone recruits individuals to run performance tests on websites.

How It Works?

Once you apply for the Gomez Peer Zone program and become approved, you can download the software. Once you download the software, it will run in the background of your computer and will track website speed and other tests on website pages. Every 15 minutes you keep your computer on with Gomez Peer Zone software running in the background you get paid. The best part is your can get paid whether you’re actively using your computer or not.

Is It free to join?

Yes. It is free to join. You just have to have the software running to earn.

What are the earning possibilities?

It is passive income. You just have to have the software installed and running to earn. However, it is just extra money. It is not meant to replace full time income. Different countries are paid differently per minute. You can view the current payment rates here. The maximum you can earn each month is $45.

How are you paid?

All payments are sent through PayPal. If you have reached the $5  minimum by the end of the month, you are paid within 10-15 business days from the earning close date. If you do not reach the minimum, the earnings are rolled over to the next month. If you do not have an active PayPal account, you forfeit your earnings.

How To Sign Up?

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