Get Paid To Review Music

Do you love listening to music? Did you know that you could get paid cash or rewards just for listening to a music track? See which companies will allow you to get paid to review music.

Slice The Pie [Review]- Earn Paypal cash for reviewing music by up and coming artists.

Radio Loyalty – Earn points for listening/watching and performing other tasks.

AudioKite – Available on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Earn $0.12-$.20 for listening to songs and expressing your opinion about them. Bonus available.

Music Xray – Participate in music focus groups and get paid.

HitPredictor – Influence new music before it’s released.

Playlist Push – Add music to your Spotify playlist and if it gets play, you get paid. Payment issued (on Friday) through Paypal.

Researchfm – Receive Amazon gift card codes for sharing your opinion about some music tracks. Invitation only!

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