Get Paid To Do Rent Surveys For Yardi Matrix

Yardi Matrix

Who Is Yardi Matrix?

Yardi Matrix is a data collection company. They conduct surveys a couple times a year to obtain information about apartment complexes across the U.S. Yardi Matrix is now hiring Rent Surveyors for their Winter 2017 campaign!

What does the Rent Surveyor do?

  • Collect information about apartment communities
  • Update information about apartment rent, current rent specials, pet policies, etc.
  • Ask a series of questions to obtain this information
  • Ask questions as if you were a would-be renter


High speed internet access
Long-distance telephone plan
Good phone etiquette
Willingness to play the role of a renter when making calls

Is this full time or part time?

The company expects you to do a minimum of 10 hours of work per week, and these hours can be gotten in anytime as long as you are calling these apartment complexes when they are open. Also, this is a temporary position, lasting roughly six weeks, so you shouldn’t count on it for the long-term.

Yardi Matrix does these surveys three times per year (January & February, May & June, and September & October). Once each work period is up, you can usually work during the next season if you reapply and note that you are a returning worker.

What’s the pay like?

Surveyors will be paid $6 per hour and a piece rate of $.60 for surveys marked Done, $.40 for surveys marked Wrong Number, $.20 for surveys marked Part-Done, and $.10 per survey marked Answering Machine or No Answer. You will receive at least minimum wage in your jurisdiction for all hours worked.

**You will be hired as an employee so taxes will be automatically taken out of your pay. 

Where and How Do I Apply?

You can go here for more information and to apply.

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