Gaggle Content Review Specialist – Awesome 2022 Independent Contractor Position

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Gaggle is the pioneer in helping K-12 districts manage student safety on school-provided technology. They are often seeking remote Gaggle Content Review specialists in the U.S. Scheduling is flexible and the work is non-phone.

Compensation for these remote Gaggle Content Review positions is $10.00 per hour.

Gaggle Content Review Specialist - Awesome 2022 Independent Contractor Position

“Gaggle Safety Management offers a 24×7 service that is used to identify and uncover drug use, bullying, threats of school violence, teen depression, suicidal intentions, and abusive domestic situations of students in grades K-12 through various forms of communication. Although you would not be an employee of Gaggle, the Independent Contractors we are looking for will work with the Gaggle Safety Team and are able to make a positive impact in the lives of K-12 students across the world.”

Gaggle Content Review Requirements:

  • Experience using various computer and web-based applications in a professional environment
  • Interest and enthusiasm for reading, as the position requires focused attention to reading various lengths of content
  • Ability to delineate between potentially harmful student matters and harmless situations
  • Experience with tech and social media culture
  • Knowledge of trends and slang used by children and teenagers to help identify potential issues
  • Ability to exhibit tolerance of and respect for others’ opinions
  • Strong communication skills
  • Adaptability to change
  • Ability to work independently; experience working as an Independent Contractor preferred
  • Access to high-speed internet (satellite is not acceptable)
  • Access to a computer, chromebook, or laptop
  • Minimum operating system: Mac: El Capitan or above, Windows 7 or above, Fedora 28 or above
  • Minimum processor required: Core i3+
  • Experience with Slack or other business-based chat applications is a plus

Gaggle Content Review Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and analyze student activity to identify potentially inappropriate usage including words, phrases, statements, and images
  • Quickly and efficiently process content, while maintaining a high level of accuracy
  • Process for a minimum of 10 hours each week
  • Escalate questionable findings to Safety Team Representatives for additional in-depth analysis
  • Additional tasks as assigned

Click here for full details and to apply. Find other remote jobs on our Work From Home Job Board.

Gaggle Job Review – What Is It Like Working For Gaggle? Is Gaggle a good company?


  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Remote Work
  • On Time Bi-Weekly Pay


  • Low Pay
  • Non Renewing Contract
  • Inconsistent Work Availability
    • Work comes available in spurts. Update: You can now schedule hours using Sling in 1 hour increments.

Gaggle Job Tip: Keep Sling open on desktop during the morning time to catch the schedule being released during the week. You can also download the Sling mobile app to be notified when they release hours.

Gaggle Content Review Pay

As a Gaggle Independent Contractor, you are not entitle to a Gaggle Salary or benefits but you are paid on a hourly basis when you actively reviewing Gaggle content.



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