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Data entry is one of the most sought out work from home jobs. It’s easy. You don’t need special training. You can do it with children around and it doesn’t require special equipment. But where can you find work from home data entry work? If you search for data entry jobs, you can find anything from virtual assistant positions to work from home scams. The issue when looking for data entry jobs is finding legitimate ones. Below I have listed the two most well known data companies.


This opportunity is only available to US residents. This company hires contractors to process voter’s registration for various states. The pay is as listed from a previous job posting “To start, 3.7¢ per average signature (10 keystrokes per tag), 15¢ per registration, scaled 50-100% depending on accuracy.” This work is available on a seasonal basis and should be considered as extra cash.

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Virtual Bee/Key 4Cash

This company, formerly known as Keys for Cash, recruits contractors to enter data. They are constantly accepting applicants to work from home doing data entry. You are able to log on to the Virtual Bee system and starting completing data entry projects. The pay is per piece, which averages to be around $5 – $6 per hour. You are paid weekly by check once you reach payment minimum of $30. There will be times when there will be no available work.

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Other places to considering looking for data entry jobs is Fiverr, Upwork, and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

If you have worked for the above listed data entry companies or one that is not listed, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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