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When it comes to writing there are endless opportunities available to showcase your skills. If you’re interesting in starting your blog, that’s always a good choice. But sometimes, you need money this month and sometimes this week. Some types listed below will pay upfront and some will pay weekly via PayPal. The best part about getting paid to write is that it is an option for international workers and sometimes it can be passive residual income when you continue to receive earnings on pieces you’ve wrote in the past. The following list will guide you towards reliable, safe, and profitable sites that will pay you for your writing!

Amount per post: Varies
Payment Method: PayPal

Amount per post:$35+
Payment Method: Check

Amount per post: $1+, varies
Payment Method: PayPal

Amount per post: Varies
Payment Method: PayPal

Writers Weekly
Amount per post: $60
Payment Method: Unkown

Amount per post: Varies
Payment Method: PayPal

List Verse
Amount per post: $100
Payment Method: Paypal

Slice The Pie
Amount per song review: $0.7+
Payment Method: PayPal

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