Shipt Shopper Review | Earn An Attractive $25/hr Shopping For Others

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What is Shipt?

Shipt is a fast growing startup that is improving lives by giving people more time to spend with their families! Our Shipt members order groceries via the Shipt app and can have them delivered on-demand as soon as 1 hour later.

What Is A Shipt Shopper?

Shipt Shoppers carefully select member’s groceries using the Shipt app and deliver them during a specified, delivery window. Shoppers enjoy an interactive and fun culture all while being able to control their own schedule and income!

How Does Shipt Shopping Work?

As a customer, you “put yourself” on the shopping calendar as long as five days ahead of time. Putting yourself on the timetable methods you’re accessible to shop certain requests in your general vicinity.

Shipt customers can confine their shopping to a solitary zone (a couple of mile zone with at any rate one food merchant), or you can shop in numerous zones.

When you’re on the calendar, you’ll begin to see shops coming through. Inside the customer application, you can see the size of the request, the store where you’ll shop, and the last goal.

You don’t need to acknowledge (guarantee) each request in your zone, yet Shipt measures acknowledgment rate. In the event that you dismiss such a large number of requests, you may lose your capacity to contract with Shipt.

When you acknowledge a request, you drive to the supermarket, select things from the store, pay at the register utilizing the application, and you convey the nourishment to the client. You may shop various requests at one time.

Each request you convey will pay you a commission.


  • 18 y/o minimum
  • Reliable transportation
  • Current driver’s license
  • Knowledge of produce selection
  • Insulated cooler bag
  • Thorough background check required
  • Ability to lift 25+ pounds
  • Familiarity with using a smartphone

Shipt Shopper Interview

Once you have provided the requested information and your application has been approved, you will receive an invitation to interview for the position. Luckily for you, the interview is virtual. You will also have the opportunity to practice for your interview before you move forward with the actual recorded answers via the HireVue software.

The Pay

Because you earn a percentage of the receipt total plus a delivery fee, your pay will vary with each shop. You also may get a tip from a customer which would could vary as well. Please keep in mind that your a 1099 and will be responsible for taxes at the end of the year.

How To Get Started

If you meet these requirements and think you’d like to be a Shipt shopper, submit your application.


Being A Shipt Shopper Pros

1. It pays well

How about we address the glaring issue at hand first. A great many people need to be a Shipt Shopper since they need to get paid. Experienced Shipt Shoppers can make somewhere in the range of $16 to $22 60 minutes. What’s more, with tips (7 out of each 10 individuals tip their customers), you can possibly make much more.

Similarly as with any activity, there is an expectation to learn and adapt. However, customers that keep at it rapidly discover approaches to shop all the more productively, which means getting more cash. We additionally do our part to help you with every one of the materials you have to enable you to be the best customer you can be.

2. You get the opportunity to work for yourself

Being a self employed entity implies you get the chance to make major decisions. So while we can give you experiences on the best way to be a superior customer, by the day’s end, you get the opportunity to carry out your responsibility the manner in which that works best for you.

3. You get the opportunity to get out and remain dynamic

A few people basically aren’t ready to deal with sitting at a work area 8 hours every day. Being a Shipt Shopper offers plan to individuals needing wide open spaces. You’ll get outside, get going, and get paid to do it.

4. It’s adaptable

As a customer, you can plan a conveyance whenever from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days seven days. So shop in your extra time, nighttimes, or take on an entire 40-hour plan. The decision is yours.

Did you know?
Shipt shoppers earn 7.5% of the receipt total plus $5 for each order they deliver. So how does that add up?

Based on their averages, if you want to make:
$200 / week, you need to do about 14 shops.
$400 / week, you need to do about 27 shops.
$600 / week, you need to do about 40 shops.

As a Shipt Shopper, you control how many shops you claim and deliver! Here’s a helpful tip: our busiest shopping times are from 4-8pm and our busiest days are Sunday, Monday, and Saturday (in that order).

Shipt Shopper Hacks

Offer Amazing Customer Service

Tipping is an immense piece of your pay, so make certain to offer astounding client administration.

One approach to do this is to content your clients when you achieve the store. State, “My name is _______, and I’m looking for you today. Do you have anything additional you need to add to the request?” This lifts your bonus, yet it likewise is a tremendous advantage to bird-brained clients.

Numerous requests incorporate substitutions. You can utilize your best judgment, however you can likewise content pictures of substituted things to the clients to make certain they approve of the substitution.

At last, welcome your clients when you touch base at their home, and bring staple goods inside and set them onto the ledge.

Organize Sundays and Mondays

Sundays and Mondays are enormous days for Shipt. Try to plan yourself on nowadays, so you can augment your capacity to guarantee orders. When you can guarantee various requests, make sure to guarantee a few requests on the double.

Try not to disregard little requests

Little requests may just offer $6-$7 in commissions, however the tips on these requests can include. The little requests additionally make it simple to look for various requests at once. More requests spells more money.

Check for bounties when you have time

In case you’re not on the Shipt plan, you may in any case need to sign into the application every once in a while. Now and again arranges in a zone go unclaimed, so Shipt offers “bounties” on these requests.

The closer you are to conveyance time, the more noteworthy the size of the abundance. Feel free to sign in to check whether you can acquire some huge money in your spare time.

Pair Shipt with other side hustles

Strangely, Shipt combines pleasantly with opposite side hustles like Instacart, DoorDash or notwithstanding driving for Uber and Lyft. In case you’re driving for cash, work for the same number of organizations as you can. That way you can rapidly examine where you’ll really acquire the most cash at whatever hour of some random day.

Have you purchased with Shipt or are you Shipt shopper? Share and comment below.


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Maggie Unzueta
4 years ago

I’ve never heard of this. So awesome!

4 years ago

I really wish I could earn money grocery shopping. I can barely afford groceries lol.

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