CircumNews…SCAM or Not?

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I have recently been asking by many of people is CircumNews is legitimate or a scam.

CircumNews – This is an official SCAM alert

I made an original post stating this company was a scam and I pulled it down due to some false old phoney payment proof. I now stand behind my original post about this company indeed being a scam.

I am hearing A LOT about people getting paid and Paypal is supposedly confirming this. It’s a load of doodoo. PayPal does not confirm it. Call them yourself and PayPal will say they don’t know anything about this company.

Basically what CircumNews does is they gets paid to advertise a company’s articles.  Then CircumNews pays the readers a portion of that.  It can be appear to be an effect marketing concept but it is more than likely a phishing trick.

Red Flags

  • Pays $2 to read an article.
  • Pays $9 to refer someone. (No company pays 4.5x more because of an referral)
  • Payout is currently $350.
  • Articles are NEVER renewed. There are always the same ones causing people to refer to reach the payout amount.
  • They ask for your PayPal account #, not email address.
  • People are receiving viruses from the site.
  • Accounts are randomly being deleted.
  • Newly registered site.
  • No privacy policy.
  • No contact information.

I greatly urge you to do some research, call PayPal yourself before you waste your time with this site or any other scams.

Please pass this on to other people using CircumNews. So many people are advertising this company trying to get referrals so they may reach their cash out amount and they are simply putting other people at risk.

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