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So this new site on the scene is They are a Get Paid To site where you earn from :

1. Completing sponsor offers.
2. Watching videos
3. Clicking and viewing advertisements
4. Referring friends
5. Wheel Spin

Now companies with high payouts tend to send red flags up for me. Most sites that pay $1+ per click typically turn out to be scams. But this one seems to be different. Either companies are getting hip to the Pros being able to spot scams out or this one is legitimate.

They have a payment proof section on their website that shows that they do indeed pay. I have attached some of them below. They recently stopped accepting payments through PayPal because it seems there is a restriction on their account. That is typical with many new PTC or GPT sites because the high activity sends flags up to PayPal.!??

Another red flag is when they pay you after you request payment and the terms.

“Once your CashTasks account reaches at least $1,000 you can submit your request to withdraw your earnings if you have upgraded your membership to a premium membership. CashTasks will then review your withdrawal and if your account has not breached any of the terms of service then your payment will be added to our payout list and will be sent NET60(60 days after the end of the current month) to the Paypal email address of your choice. All earnings listed and or represented by are estimated values not actual real money values and are subject to change with or without notice. “

Why would you need to upgrade and wait 60 days to receive your “easy” money!!?? Anyone PTC or GPT site that requires you to upgrade in order to receive your payout is a scam. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL SCAM ALERT!! 

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