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AiraAira is the maker of service for helping the visually impaired and blind explore their everyday lives. Their creative programming works through unique glasses outfitted with a computerized camera, and associated with a cell phone application. The organization contracts work from home Aira Agents in the United States who help clients complete activities that would somehow or another be exceptionally troublesome.

Working for Aira

As an Aira Agent, you will telecommute on your PC as a self employed entity.

The uncommon glasses given to customers have a catch on the earpiece that can be utilized to demand the help of a specialist. Endless supply of such a solicitation, the operator will start a voice visit with the customer, and utilize the gave interface to assist the individual arrangement with whatever issue the individual may have experienced.

The web interface for specialists offers a live video feed from the customer’s glasses, just as GPS data, and access to the customer’s profile. The customer’s profile incorporates a wide range of valuable information, for example, their preferred nourishment and photos of the considerable number of individuals they know, empowering operators to enable them to detect a specific individual in a packed spot.

The activity is genuinely mind boggling. As a specialist, no one can really tell what you may need to enable a customer to manage. For instance, you may need to direct somebody through an airplane terminal, help them discover an area, or help them while they search for goods.

Operators are essentially filling in as a virtual arrangement of eyes, which means they have a tremendous duty, and must keep up an abnormal state of polished skill consistently. Tough relationship building abilities, scrupulousness, and a capacity to perform multiple tasks are generally significant for this activity.

Each and every call will give you a totally extraordinary test. You’ll should be adaptable, patient,and extraordinarily sharp witted.

Aira Agent Pay Rate & Salary

Aira are somewhat shut mouthed about the amount they pay, and the organization is new to the point that it’s difficult to accumulate much data from previous laborers. In my examination I had the option to uncover a couple of notices of obsolete employment postings proposing specialists earned $15.00 60 minutes. More current postings don’t list a rate by any means. It might at present be the equivalent, or it may not.

The FAQ on Aira’s site indicates that installments are made twice month to month. The site indicates pay is “focused.”

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Aira Agent Job Schedule & Overnight Hours

The organization’s working hours are 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Booking for specialists is depicted as adaptable yet Aira doesn’t really expound on the degree of that adaptability. By and by, “adaptable” could mean a variety of things. Perhaps it implies that you sign in and work at whatever point you need, or possibly you’re ready to pick which movements are most agreeable for you.

Aira Agent Job Application Requirements

Aira is searching for individuals with 2 years of past client administration experience, and at any rate a secondary school instruction with some school preferred.

Past experience working with the visually impaired and military experience are huge resources, however not required.

The activity includes consistent continuous voice correspondence, so you’ll unquestionably require a peaceful work environment where you won’t be interfered.

Aira Agent Tech Requirements

The specialized necessities recorded on the site are as per the following:

PC Requirements:

  • At least a CPU 4 CORE.
  • At least 8 GB RAM.
  • At least 40 GBS accessible plate space.
  • A Windows or Mac PC utilizing Windows 10 or Mac OS Sierra, individually.

Web Requirements:

As indicated by Aira’s site, the web necessities are as per the following:

  • A base speed of 25 MBPS.

Aira Application Process

To join, you essentially go to their site and answer a couple of inquiries on a form. In the event that you fit the profile they’re searching for, you’ll be given a bent test. Accepting you make it past the bent test, the following stages are a meeting, and a record verification.

Training is taken care of over the web with a progression of online classes utilizing a video interface. You’ll work through a few preparing modules, and afterward in the long run you’ll work with a mentor who’s visually impaired, helping the person in question with recreated errands.

To complete things off, you’ll be matched with another operator who will watch and help you through your initial few live sessions.

How To Become An Aira Agent

In the event that you like helping individuals, and need to get in on the ground floor of an inventive new organization, head on over to Aira’s site and put in an application.

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Good luck in whatever you do!

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