$60+ Per Referral With Freebie Sites/Networks

Freebie Networks

Many of you may have come across a website(s) that pay you $20+ per referral but in order to begin bringing in referrals, you have to complete an offer. Those offers can range from FreeCreditReport.com, WorldWinner.com, Equifix.com, GoDaddy.com, Sirius, etc. When you see something like that, you instantly think that it would be a scam. Well no scam alert here. These sites are legit and they pay. They have been around for years and they are becoming even more popular than they were before.

So what are they?

They are affiliate marketing companies. They pay you for bringing new customers to try out their client’s products. These product are similar/the same as the offers once would complete on sites like Swagbucks. They just pay better on these sites.

Do they cost anything?

Most of the offers are trials. You will be required to put in a credit/debit card number so that they may authorize $1. If you cancel the trial before it is over, then you will receive that $1 back and you will have completed that offer for FREE. Yes. FREE!! If you do not cancel that trial before it is over, then you will be charged the regular subscription amount.

So how much can you make?

The amount you make on these sites are totally dependent on the effort you put into them. These sites pay $20-$80 per referral. Many of them even have payout bonuses. There are many people out there making a full time living with these sites. There are even some sites that allow you to complete the offers and receive credit from yourself.

How are you paid?

Payment options include: Direct Deposit, Check, PayPal, Money Order

I’m going to share a little secret with you. There is more money that meets the eye. There are freebie trading forums out there. On the forums, people pay you to sign up for these sites. So now you make money from signing up on these sites and from bringing referrals in. You can also be added to Referral Banks that will promote your sign up link for you. So there is no losing with this. Below you find a list of these site names and how much they pay per referral.

TimesTwo.LightningFreebies.com -$30
Double.LightningFreebies.com – $30
Flash.LightningFreebies.com – $20
Stormy.LightningFreebies.com – $20
Twister.LightningFreebies.com -$20
Blackout.LightningFreebies.com -$40
Seasons.LightningFreebies.com -$40
Cyclone.LightningFreebies.com -$40
Dollars.LightningFreebies.com -$40
SwiftFifty.LightningFreebies.com -$50
Tsunami.LightningFreebies.com -$60
Hurricane.LightningFreebies.com -$60
Powersurge.LightningFreebies.com -$80
Monsoon.LightningFreebies.com -$80

Easy.SuperiorFreebies.com -$30
Smooth.SuperiorFreebies.com -$30
Breezy.SuperiorFreebies.com $20
FabForty.SuperiorFreebies.com $40
Nifty50.SuperiorFreebies.com $50
Extra.SuperiorFreebies.com $60
Super75.SuperiorFreebies.com $75
Double.SuperiorFreebies.com $80

One.zipnadazilch.com $20
Two.zipnadazilzch.com $30
Simple.zipnadazilch.com $30
Easy.zipnadazilch.com $30
Quick.zipnadazilch.com $20
Budget.zipnadazilch.com $20
Bigcash.zipnadazilch.com $60
Doublecash.zipnadazilch.com $80
Allinone.zipnadazilch.com $130

$60+ Per Referral With Freebie Sites/Networks

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