Vacant Survey Review | Vacant Survey Payment Proof…Real or Scam?

Name: Vacant Survey


Owner: Unknown

Price: FREE

The hottest new paid survey site is Vacant Survey. Another site with promises of full time income with little to no time spent earning but is it legit or scam?

What Is Vacant Survey?

Vacant Survey is a no brainer paid survey site. You get paid for taking surveys, but this is not your ordinary, low paying, survey taking website. You are paid $18 per completed survey.

How It Works?

You literally just signup and start taking surveys. There are 4 “surveys” to complete each day giving you a grand total of $72/day. You can also recruit people and make money that way too. They “pay” $50 for each new member that you refer to Vacant Survey.

How Are You Paid?

Payments are dispersed monthly through PayPal if you have reached the minimum payment threshold of $1500.

What’s The Catch?

Sounds like good money, huh? So what’s the catch? The catch is they are not going to pay you. They are another one of these scam survey sites. They promise full time income for less than part-time work put in.

How Do You Know It’s A Scam?

There are several signs that scream SCAM!!! Those bright red flags include but are not limited to:

  • Pays $18 per survey
  • Pays $50 to refer someone
  • Payout minimum is $1500
  • Newly created website (June 5, 2015)
  • Falsified information (shows payments sent before the site was even created)
  • No payment proof has surfaced
  • No privacy policy
  • No contact information (only a form)
  • This an official scam alert!! If you NEED money, please explore other options as this website WILL NOT pay out any money that you hope you really “earned”.

If you have experience with this website or an opinion of it, please comment below.

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