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If you haven’t heard already, your mobile phone can make you money. So many people have smartphones and so many people don’t know that there are several opportunities to make money on it doing the things you already do for free. Although this is easy passive money, please keep in mind that is is meant to be extra money. It is not meant to replace a full time income. Find out what mobile apps can make you some extra cash.

Get Paid To Receive Text Messages

This means you will be paid to receive surveys/polls in your sms inbox just like normal texts.


1Q is an app that pays you to answer short 1 question multiple choice answer polls. You can also set it up to just text you the polls. You are paid instantly to your PayPal account as soon as you have completed the poll.


FreeEats pays you to receive text messages on your mobile device. Get a $1 PayPal payment instantly after joining. Earn $.25 for every text message you receive

Get Paid To Complete Tasks

Sign up to complete tasks in your local neighborhood such as checking prices, how things are organized in a store or taking pictures of products.

Field Agent

Get paid to complete local tasks. Payment via PayPal or Dwolla.


Very similar to Field Agent, but jobs usually pay more. But you have to apply and be approved to work on every job you do. Payment through PayPal.


While shopping take pictures of items out of stock and how items are displayed. You earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards.

Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone

This means you’ll see some advertisements when you go to unlock your phone. Simply swipe and you earn a little bit of money.

Slide Joy

Slide Joy is only available in the US and on Android phones. You will see various ads on your lockscreen once the app is installed. Sliding left engages with the ad and sliding right takes you straight to your homescreen. Payment is the same no matter which way you swipe. You can choose to be paid via Square Cash, Paypal, or you can donate your earnings to a worthy cause.

Perk Screen

Perk Screen is only available on Android phones. Perk lets you redeem points for gift certificates and also Paypal cash.

Get Paid To Watch TV

Make money while sitting on the couch and watching TV? Who wouldn’t want to do that! The concept behind this is that it’s an accessory to watching TV, allowing you to potentially earn rewards by checking into various shows and programs.


Viggle is an app for iPhones and Androids that allows users to watch TV to earn points. You must check into the show as you are watching it. It will use sound detection to ensure you are watching the entire episode/movie/ listening to music as you say you are. You will receive points for every minute. There will also be bonuses along the way. Those points can be redeemed for rewards and prizes. There are various gift cards to pick from. You are restricted to redeeming one gift card per brand a day.

Perk TV

Perk TV will work on most iOS or Android devices. This is one of those apps that pays you to watch videos. For each video you watch, you will receive a few points, those points can then be redeemed for gift cards or entries into sweepstakes. Perk has a huge gift card store, and there are options there to redeem for both Amazon and Paypal cash.
There is also a LIVE version which will recognize when you watching live tv and receive points for watching live television episodes. It similar to that of Viggle.

Get Paid For Grocery Shopping

If you spend a lot on groceries a month, you probably have heard about extreme couponing. But did you know that you could get cash back on the groceries you bought

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is available for both iPhone and Android, US or Canada. With Checkout51, you get cashback for buying groceries. Just browse the available offers, select the ones you know you’re going to buy, then upload your receipt to prove you’ve bought them. Once Checkout 51 has confirmed your purchases, they will credit your account with the cash back. You can then request a check once you’ve earned at least $20.

Groupon Snap App

Groupon Snap App is available for iPhone and Android, US or Canada. This is another cashback for groceries app. The only difference is you can use this app at ANY store. There is no stipulation as to where you have to buy the offer. After you’ve made your purchases, upload your receipt to Snap within two days and they will credit your account with the cash back amount for their grocery offers that you purchased. Once you’ve earned $20, you can request a check to be mailed to you.

Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher app is available to iPhone and Android users, US and Puerto Rico only. It is a price match app. After you’ve made your purchase at Walmart and gotten your receipt, enter your receipt number into the app and it will do price matching for you, checking the prices of local competitors. If there are any retailers offering a lower price on anything you paid for, Walmart will give you the difference via an e-gift card.


Ibotta is available for iPhone or Android, US only. Ibotta is similar to that of Checkout51. You also can get cashback on restaurant and entertainment purchases. After you’ve purchased the item, simply upload your receipt and your cash back for that item will go into your Ibotta account. You need at least $10 to redeem your earnings, and they will be sent almost instantly to either Paypal or Venmo. They also allow you to redeem for various gift cards.

For each app, you probably shouldn’t expect more than  $10 monthly. There are some people who may make more than that from each app but that is not the norm. But this just goes to show you can get paid for things you already do everyday.

Which one of these apps is your favorite? Do you know of any other similar apps? Please share!

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