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Captioner Wanted.

Are you a stay at home mom who could use the extra income? How about a young college student looking for a decent paying job with flexible hours? How would you like to be paid to work from home watching movies? Look no further. Rev is currently hiring freelance video captioners.

A video captioner is like a transcriptioner. You would work from home watching videos and typing what is heard. Video captioners a rev can make up to 75 cents per video minute. So after captioning a 30 minute video, as a freelance video captioner you would make up to $22.50. Granted, it may take you longer than 30 minutes to caption that clip, but even if it takes you an hour and a half, you would still be making an hourly pay of $15.00. Even on the low end of the pay scale. Let’s say you only make 40 cents per video minute captioned and it takes you one hour to caption that 30 minute video clip. You would still be making an hourly pay of $12.00. How is that for a work from home job?

This is a freelancing job so no benefits are included. The flexible hours allow for you to work as little or as much as you want which gives you freedom to choose how much you want to make. The average monthly incomes are about $240, and the high end monthly incomes are about $1500. If you interested in getting paid to watch video clips check out

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