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The search for the perfect wine aerator is over!It’s the adjustable wine aerator the Amazon Top Reviewers love: “it’s a good one” “elegant & convincing shape” “it’s 5 stars for a good product” “the design and engineering are beautiful” “easy to clean & the plastic is totally neutral from a flavor or odor perspective”

The Vintla Adjustable Wine Aerator is the latest, most effective upgraded wine aerator available. The stainless steel twist band puts you in control to release true flavour for a mellower softer wine. The bitter “pucker” is gone even in inexpensive wine.

Whether you are an experienced wine enthusiast or you drink wine casually you WILL notice the difference.

– The “Vintla Gurgle” softens the bitter tannins and instantly improves the aromas and fruit flavors in red and whites
– The dial controls how much air is mixed to suit young and older reds and whites
– Made of FDA approved materials
– Easy to hold, no covering up air inlet holes like the Venturi. Large capacity pour chamber
– Non-drip stand included
– Super quick to clean – just rinse or dishwasher safe.

Guaranteed for 5 years against breakage.

This aerator has the ability to adjust the amount of aeration, and it’s not just a glorified spout to put on your wine bottle. Aeration is really important for both reds and whites: reds open up and become much more complex and interesting, and whites often have a lot of sulfites, some of which can be dissipated by aeration.

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